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Hello World!

Few words from me to you...

This space is a small glimpse of my life outside the four corners of the office cubicle. A chance to share with you the things I love or maybe otherwise and my personal journey of finding the beauty in everything everyday.


An IT employee by profession and a traveler by passion, I strongly believe that you don’t have to choose between having a stable income and exploring the world. Live the best of both worlds, I say!

I’ll be the first one to tell you to go ahead and plan that long overdue vacation but for the days when you have to stay where you are, remember to seek joy in the littlest of things.


There is so much life outside the office walls and in my 30 plus years of existence, I have yet to scratch the surface. Well, here’s my attempt to try.

Mauibien is out of office and in another journey to discover the world!

Life skills

Meal Preparation


Bargain Hunting